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Our Values

Respect, Consideration and Dignity are what a family needs when planning a funeral for a loved one.

Donald Cowan, Owner and Funeral  Director along with Funeral Director Evelyn Hak,  pride themselves on a friendly, reliable service which can be tailored to your requirements.

The company are registered members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors and the British Institute of Funeral Directors.

Our Team

Evelyn Hak
Evelyn Hak
Donald Cowan
Donald Cowan
Duncan Cowan
Duncan Cowan

Our Fleet

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We are very proud of our luxurious fleet of well maintained vehicles consisting of a Coleman Milne Cardinal Hearse and a Coleman Milne Ford Dorchester Limousine. (7 seats)

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Our Story

Our premises in Stenhousemuir are easily accessed with disabled access and close by parking.

We have first class facilities; a comfortable reception hall, toilet, office and arranging room, chapel of rest/viewing room, coffin showroom and mortuary with a 4 tier fridge.

We are happy to give information on ashes, memorabilia, keepsakes/ finger printing:

Our History

Donald Cowan worked as a Funeral Director for a local Independent Funeral business for many years. The business was sold to a large conglomerate where Donald followed the same profession.

Realising there was now a need in the area for an Independent Funeral Director Donald took up the challenge. A successful search for suitable premises saw the business established in Stenhousemuir. With an excellent Manager and Funeral Director Evelyn Hak, Donald Cowan Funeral Directors started trading in 2006.

Slowly but steadily business developed with the purchase of firstly a Hearse followed in short succession with a Limousine.

Improvements to premises as well as technical aspects moved the business along, developing it as a “weel kent face” in the community.

The business has now gone from strength to strength and we are now serving the community in Larbert, Stenhousemuir, Falkirk and also further afield.

We are proud members of SAIF and NAFD


Security for You

Gives families the security that we are meeting a nationally recognised standard within the business.

Regular Inspections

NAFD and SAIF rigorously maintain their standards through a series of inspections and visits to our premises
which ensure that high standards are in place at all times.

Code of Practice

Our Business abides by both the NAFD and SAIF Code of Practice. This is an important document to us. It sets out exactly what our responsibilities are, giving families the security and reassurance that the funeral arrangements will be performed in a professional manner.


What to Do After a Death

Even if it was expected, a death at home can be very upsetting.   It is perfectly OK to take a moment to yourself before doing anything else.   Or you might want to ask a close friend or family member to be with you.

When you feel ready, follow the steps below.   Remember, if you are unsure about anything just give us a call.

If the death was expected:

Step 1 – Call the doctor (the GP)

If you call during surgery hours, the GP will normally come to the house to verify the death and issue a death certificate giving the cause of death (officially called the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death - MCCD).

If you call out of normal surgery hours, an out-of-hours doctor will visit the house to verify but the certificate will be issued later by the deceased’s usual GP, when the surgery re-opens.   Sometimes you have to collect the Medical Certificate Cause of Death (MCCD) at the surgery.

If the death was unexpected:

STEP 1 – Call an ambulance

Once the death is officially confirmed:

STEP 2 – Call us

We’ll talk you through what happens next and the first decisions you need to make.

Please remember you can call us at any time before this point, if you want some extra support or guidance while the cause of the death is confirmed.

What you need to do

You’ll need a Medical Certificate Cause of Death (MCCD) from the attending doctor. Be aware that this may take a while.   Doctors work in shift patterns and you may need to wait for the same doctor to be back at work.

Remember to collect any of the personal items belonging to the deceased, from their hospital stay.

Give us a call so we can talk through the first steps towards arranging the funeral and bringing  the deceased into our care.

Sudden, accidental, violent and suspicious deaths are investigated by the Procurator Fiscal.   The Procurator Fiscal is a law officer of the crown appointed by the Lord Advocate.

The cases referred to him/her are those where homicide, accident and suicide are suspected and those where the death occurs unexpectedly without premonition.

When a death has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal the funeral cannot take place until he/she has authorised the release of the body of the deceased from his/her custody.   The Procurator Fiscal’s work is assisted by his/her Officer who is usually a Police Officer.   The police gather in all relevant information.   The deceased is removed from the place of death to the Police Mortuary by the Police Contractor.

The Police Contractor is usually a firm of Funeral Directors who have been awarded “The contract for the removal of Dead Bodies for Police Scotland”.    The Procurator Fiscal may instruct that a post mortem examination be performed.   The police after making a full investigation forward the Police Report to the Procurator Fiscal, who, if satisfied as to the cause and circumstances of death will issue his/her authority to inter or cremate the deceased.

The next - of - kin/executor is free to engage the Funeral Director of his/her choice.   Confusion about this often arises when the next - of – kin/executor is contacted by the Police Contractor via telephone call or brochure handout.   They must not feel obliged to use the Police Contractor as their Funeral Director.

Although the funeral cannot take place until the Procurator fiscal has issued a release on the body, you can still contact your Funeral Director and instruct funeral arrangements.   This will enable us to liaise with the Procurator Fiscal and the Police Mortuary as to possible timescales and enable us to make funeral booking as soon as release is issued.

Cowan Funeral Directors
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